Covid 19 and Secondary Trauma Tip:

A wave of secondary trauma is barreling towards the United States and in the coming days a weeks of April and May of 2020 it will hit us fairly hard. Listen to the video to get some understanding of what secondary trauma is and generally what you can do about it to minimize its impact.

How are we different?

I might have experienced some trauma but I am not sure. What is trauma really?

Did you know you are designed to heal from traumatic experiences?

Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions for Reaching Under the Surface now available!

Tips & Suggestions
Assessments, Questionnaires, Scales, Checklists, & Other Tools
Strategies & Interventions Based on Resiliency Factors
For Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists and Other School Staff (Grades PK – 12)

– Aaron Wiemeier, LPC, Kim Johancen, LPC, & Craig McCullough, LPC

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