Trauma Tip:

Our brains are predisposed to notice and attend to negative stimuli first. Futhermore, every novel stimulus is deemed a "threat" until the brain can deem it otherwise by comparing it to previous templates created by past experiences. Additionally, continued exposure to violent content desensitizes the brain making it less likely to respond appropriately when it experiences a similar stimulus in the future. In light of this information the recommendation is that you and or your kids reduce your intake of negative, violent, trauma inducing sensationalized content via the television or internet.

How are we different?

I might have experienced some trauma but I am not sure. What is trauma really?

Did you know you are designed to heal from traumatic experiences?

My Feelings Workbook Now Available

This workbook is specifically designed to help children understand deal with and process emotions and feelings on a nonverbal body level. It not only helps children figure out how they feel but WHERE they feel. With enough practice children will gain mastery over even their more intense feelings. In the process they learn how to build stronger bridges between their emotional minds and their thinking minds.

My Feelings Workbook and Building Emotional Intelligence are innovative approaches to building the emotional awareness and resources of any child or classroom. They can be used by parents and professionals alike to prepare children to be better able to handle the stress they will experience in everyday life. They are also fantastic resources to use with children who have emotional and behavioral concerns in school or at home.

“A wonderful life-long gift for parents to give their children.”

Peter A Levine, PhD. Author of Trauma Proofing Your Kids: A Parent’s Guide for Instilling Confidence, Joy, and Resilience.

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