Trauma Tip:

Developmental Trauma is chronic stress over the developing lifespan of a person. Research shows it has the same negative effect on the brain as a more acute episode of trauma. Are you working in a stressful environment, living in a chronically stressful family or watching media content that is chronically filled with stressful violent content? If so, learn to identify the sources of Developmental Trauma in your life and begin the process of systematically reducing its impact on yourself and your children.

How are we different?

I might have experienced some trauma but I am not sure. What is trauma really?

Did you know you are designed to heal from traumatic experiences?

Traumatized Students: School-Based Interventions for Reaching Under the Surface now available!

Tips & Suggestions
Assessments, Questionnaires, Scales, Checklists, & Other Tools
Strategies & Interventions Based on Resiliency Factors
For Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists and Other School Staff (Grades PK – 12)

– Aaron Wiemeier, LPC, Kim Johancen, LPC, & Craig McCullough, LPC

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