5 for 15

What would you pay for potentially life-changing help? Every day, people get up and start the day with something that changes the course of their day dramatically; and they pay about 5$ for it. Why, because they notice it makes a difference. That thing…you guessed it…coffee.

The purpose of 5 for 15 is to provide succinct, purposeful, and potentially life-changing guidance and information from seasoned experienced professionals, for the cost of a cup of coffee. Why charge you might ask? Well, the videos we produce do cost money…so someday we are hoping to recoup that. But beyond that, and beyond the social-psychological aspect of “you see more value in things you pay for than things that are free”, we believe there are ways to help people that go beyond the therapy office; and that we are living in an ever-changing world dominated by a digital landscape. That said, 5 for 15 videos do not take the place of traditional therapy and one would hope that all people would find it within themselves to seek the help of a mental health professional at some point. But for those who won’t, for those who do not have the time, or for those who believe seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness, maybe a 5 for 15 videos is a place to start. Videos are in development…so stay tuned!

Options will include:

5$/E-shot video

15$/month for access to all video, more personalized and helpful blogs written by our staff, daily “one liners” to your inbox or text feed, podcasts, merchandise discounts including our books, and Q & A sessions for generalized mental health awareness boosts.

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