Am I Traumatized

Yes…you are. Everyone is or has been at some point in their lives. How is this possible? Do you know anyone who has never experienced anger in one of its many forms at least once in their lives?

Obviously the answer is no. When you learn that ANGER is a self protective defense reponse to perceived threat each and every time without exception…the next question is: Well then what might I be afraid of?

For most when they think of what they are afraid of they say things like spiders or snakes. However what each and every person is most afraid of (and thus proof that everyone has experienced some form of trauma at some point in their life) is cognitive statements attached to those early traumatic experiences. Things like ” I am a bad person” or “I am not in control”or “I am a failure.” When a current situation in our life reminds us of a past experience where these statements dominated our subconscious thought in connection to that event, we often become angry or anxious to push that thought and its subsequent feeling down and prevent it from rising to the surface where we have to be fully aware of it.

The question is not if you or someone you know has been traumatized, the greater question is how have you or they coped with that difficult experience; both when it first occurred and later on in your life in a more characterlogical patterned way?

Important Trauma Information

  • Trauma Symptom Checklist – a concise list of both body oriented physical and emotional symptoms of trauma. If you have more than a handful…you may need to seek out professional guidance.
  • Positive & Negative Thoughts – a comprehensive list of the most common thoughts that dominate our sub and unconscious process in relation to life experience.
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