Are You Really “Trauma-Informed”?

In the last few years the big focus in the mental health and education community has shifted towards creating “trauma-informed schools.” What that means probably varies by who is giving you the information. At HMCTI, as seasoned clinicians who have worked with very traumatized populations in many settings including schools, we have come to understand that trauma-informed means not only learning about what trauma is and how to deal with it but also and more importantly means the following:

“A trauma-informed school or business means learning the truth about OUR own trauma and how it neurobiologically interacts with the trauma of the student or coworker.”

Essentially, as trauma if often trans-generational and passed down from person to person, learning about your own trauma and being given strategies on how to break the normal cycle of trans-generational passage is a core foundation to creating a trauma-informed environment. Is this easy? No. Is it comfortable? No. Is it possible and profoundly beneficial for children and others? Absolutely!


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