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by Kim Johancen

Write Time: Penning for Your Thoughts and Improved Health

– Discusses both the importance of journaling as a way to improve mental and physical health.


by Aaron Wiemeier

The Trauma Roadblock 

– Gives insight into the process of trauma and how we humans often get stuck within it.


Lies & Truth in Christ: A Psychological Spin on the Gospel 

– A faith based version of the above article.


by Kim Johancen

Finding Calm Within the Storm

– Offers caregivers a fresh perspective on how to protect themselves from secondary trauma.


Unpacking the Hurt

– Gives readers a variety of tips, strategies, and solutions for how to work and intervene with adolescents experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviors.


The Writing on The Wall

– Various case studies illustrating how to both identify and change dysfunctional patterns in relationships.


The GIFT of Therapy

– A discussion on how to measure therapeutic effectiveness for both the therapist and the client.


The Mind Can Recover. Can the Body? (Interview)


Patience for Recovery: Encouraging Clients to Stay the Couse of Treatment –p.48-50

– Discusses how clients can stay engaged in both treatment and recovery despite the challenges and discomfort many encounter along the way.


Turning Points

– How people can effectively change as seen through the eyes of seasoned therapists.

Suicide and Self Injury

by Kim Johancen

Confronting the Threat of Suicide (Interview)


When the Hurt is Aimed Inward (Interview)


by Kim Johancen

Adolescent and Young Adult Self Harming Treatment Manual – Chapter 8 – The Summit Program
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