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Waking The Tiger – A great resource discussing the primitive somatic nature of trauma in the body.

Traumatic Stress:The Effects of Overwhemling Experence on Mind, Body and Society –  A comprehensive overview of many aspects of trauma.

The Boy Who Was Raised As a Dog – An inside look into trauma and its impact on children.

The Whole Brain Child – Contains strategies to help a child’s brain develop optimally and to be a better parent.

My Feelings Workbook – Helps build emotional intelligence in children and helps them overcome some of the negative effects of trauma.

The Great Behavior Breakdown – Gives insight into the true nature of many behaviors associated with children and trauma.

My Sensory Book – As sensory processing issues often go hand in hand with trauma, this book is a great guide for dealing and understanding these issues.

Brain Gym – Gives practical activites to promote right brain/left brain development, integration & healing.


When Love is Not Enough: A Guide for Parenting Children With RADSome of the best quick strategies to deal with more extreme behaviors in children with RAD.

From Fear To Love – May seem directly opposite from the above book, however if used together, provides a fantastic comprehensive approach to dealing with this difficult issue.

Beyond Logic, Consequences & Control – Another good book to be used in combination with others to get a comprehensive approach to dealing with difficult behaviors.

PLEASE NOTE: The above attachment books are not in contradiction to one another. If you as a parent/professional are thinking that one approach or one book can solve this complicated issue….you are misleading yourself or being misled. It is possible to develop a fantastic comprehensive approach from all these resources and they all have something good to offer!


The Mulberry Bird – One of the best resources to help children deal with the sometimes confusing process of adoption.

Rosies Family – Another good adoption book with more emphasis on system issues and questions kids might have.

20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adopted Parents Knew – The title speaks for itself!

20 Things Adoptive Parents Need To Succeed – Same as above.

The Connected Child:Bringing Hope & Healing To Your Adoptive Family – Highly recommeded book on attachment and adoption.


The Biology of Belief – Explains the scientific reason as to why it is possible to think, believe or pray about something and how that thought can have an impact on your external environment. A must read!