Building Emotional Intelligence: A Skills-Based Curriculum for Improving Children’s Coping, Social and Academic Success

This skills and sensory-based curriculum offers 46 activity-based lessons that provide a comprehensive way to help children increase their emotional intelligence (EQ). The lesson plans can be conducted in short 15-20 minutes bursts assisting students in learn about feelings as they relate to self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.
Children become equipped with an understanding of emotions and then practice specific emotion-related skills that can help them deal with the normal stressors of everyday life.
Lessons are flexible and can be delivered to classrooms, small groups or individual students.

Topics include:
• 5 categories of feelings
• Emotion level ratings
• Coping skills
• Nonverbal reading of others
• Empathy and social communication skills
• Games, puzzles and much more

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