“.. Admittedly, I wasn’t excited about attending another trauma training…it seems in the past few years I’ve attended so many of them, all of them being exactly the same. The angle yours was coming from was one I hadn’t heard before. In fact, I was supposed to leave in the afternoon for another training and begged my boss to let me stay because it was so informative. So thank you for taking a different approach, I think it’s something more districts and mental health professionals need!” – Ft. Meyers, FL

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(Multiple versions from 1 hour to all day to 2 day) - This powerful training addresses the reality that almost all educators, social workers, school counselors and administrators are experiencing. They are working in a more stressful work environment with increasing demands, decreasing support and expected to teach more difficult students all while being expected to achieve similar or higher academic objectives. It will provide interventions and strategies as well as increased awareness of the reasons why this is occurring and begin to outline a step by step process, for both individual teachers, counselors as well as administrators, by which they can start to work within this changing educational landscape in a healthier, less stressed out manner.
(2-3 hours) - Discusses elements of the traumatized student and the role this play in the behavior seen in the classroom. Specific training content includes: Impacts from different types of trauma – loss, disasters, abuse and developmental trauma, how teachers can best use the information in trauma screenings, overviews of evidence-based trauma-focused programs in schools, effective approaches to treating traumatic stress, educating children and parents, trauma informed IEPs and a specific strategy called Reflect, Relate, and Regulate and how to use this in a school setting to deescalate situations quickly.
(3-4 hours) - Focuses on teaching the developmental and physiological aspects of affect regulation in children. Particular topics include PTSD and its impact on affect regulation, enuresis and encopresis, attachment disorder and non-verbal behavior associated with the aforementioned. Intervention strategies are presented to promote healthy emotional regulation and will focus on the published workbook titled My Feelings Workbook.
(2-3 hours) - This training is geared toward mental health professionals who want to understand more about how to bolster resiliency for their clients. Mental health professionals are confronted daily by individuals who are dealing with difficult challenges that have led to symptoms such as depression or anxiety. Oftentimes, individuals discuss feeling not only helpless to change their situation but also discuss feeling profound hopelessness. This training offers mental health professionals a three target model along with numerous strategies that can be utilized to establish resiliency, identify and amplify inherent strengths, and offer hope. By the end of this upbeat training participants will feel more positive and confident about their ability to affect change for themselves and for the individuals they serve. This training is designed for both bachelors and masters level mental health workers as well as those working in applicable medical and mental health treatment centers.
(3-4 hours) - This training will offer school staff and administration education about trauma and trauma responses that individuals and teams may experience as a result of working with traumatized children and adolescents. This training is imperative in order to ensure that individuals and school personnel are getting both the resources and support needed when working with traumatized individuals. Participants will leave this training understanding the three main trauma response states along with numerous strategies to utilize with individuals experiencing posttraumatic stress symptoms. Furthermore, attendees will be given specific tools designed to enable rapid response and early intervention for both themselves and peers who may be at risk of developing PTSD, vicarious trauma, or compassion fatigue. This training is geared toward anyone working in a school setting including teachers, social workers, counselors, support staff, and administration.
(2-3 hours) - Consult add-on available: 1-2 extra visits of 1-3 hours to consult with grade levels or teams for practical application and Q & A. This training will focus on Trauma Informed Practices in an elementary school setting. Includes 4 fundamental concepts and 8 practical considerations that individual teachers and school staff can apply daily. Attendees will gain knowledge on how trauma relates to symptoms of anxiety in children and ways this impacts child-learners. The training will explore school-specific strategies to address behaviors, classroom environments and teacher-student relationships. Most importantly, participants in this training will leave with specific strategies to learn the internal world of a child and respond in ways that create a daily environment for learning.
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