Healing From Trauma

You are designed To Heal From Trauma! Just like when you get a cut on your arm, it heals through a series of sequential events, so too will your brain heal, if it is allowed to, from “cuts” it receives through the process of traumatization. So why then do humans have such a hard time healing from trauma? It is exactly the thing that sets us apart from animals, that also traps us in a seemingly unending cycle of trying to heal from trauma; our thinking brain or cerebral cortex. However, know for certain that every human also has a built in biological mechanism to heal from trauma just like the polar bear below.


Discharging Trauma In Animals

A polar bear demonstrates is natural healing mechanism for trauma

Energy Discharge & The Trauma Experience

Dr. Peter Levine discusses the connection between energy, trauma and the discharge of that energy as a mechanism to heal from trauma

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