Home Based Therapy

Home Based therapy occurs in the community in some capacity and so the term “Home Based” is often misunderstood. Generally, therapy does occur in the home of the client but can also occur in the surrounding areas of the client or families home as well as their school.

Home Based therapy is often used in circumstances that would make travel to an office not practical and/or there is a clinical reason that treatment in the home is a better approach to increase effectiveness. Seeing a client or family in their home gives the therapist a greater degree of information about family dynamics that they can use to tailor treatment. It can also feel like a safer and more familiar experience for the client or family.

An example of this is in cases where the child has an attachment disorder and demonstrates behavior consistent with some level of this diagnosis. In these cases, the child often changes their behavior in the office to create an image of the perfect child while at home they can be aggressive and overly controlling. The primary function of this for the child is to create a context to control the therapists perceptions of the child and start the process of creating distrust in the system; primarily distrust of the therapist towards the parents. This tends to frustrate the parent who continually tries to explain to the therapist what actually happens outside of the office. Seasoned attachment experts can do this clinical work in both the home and office without falling into this trap. However, many clinicians claim to be attachment experts but are not.

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