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The New Standard In Trauma-Informed Care

If you clicked on this link, it was probably for one of two reasons. The first would be sheer curiosity, the second could be that you have tried therapy before for yourself, your child or your family and it did not work or you just did not get a sense that the therapist truly knew what they were doing.

What most therapists wont tell you, except us of course, is that for the first 10 plus years of our work we are sort of winging it, maybe just like you! Not only that but for at least the first 5, we are working through our own issues so as to get to a place where we can truly help!

At High Mountain Counseling and Training Institute we are no longer just winging it. We are not just latching on to the newest marketed therapy strategy and passing it off as our specialty. We are creating those very strategies, we are changing lives, changing systems. We are pioneers in our respective areas. We are national trainers and published authors all well beyond the 10 year winging it mark with a fire and a passion for what we do that is unlike what you would expect from a therapist.

We are not static. We do not just do office work or just work with this or that type of client. We challenge the status quo of the therapeutic world. We are therapists, parents, husbands and wives, sons and daughters changing perceptions one family, child and system at a time.

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