Psychological Trauma

“..extremey informative…engaging..humorous and open to interactive dialogue.” – Jewish Family Services – Denver Colorado

“..engaging, energetic and warm; holding the interest of the audience with passion, compassion and humor – Adoption Alliance

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(3-4 Hours) - Discusses the latest research on the brain as affected by trauma and integrates this information into the behavior as typically seen in at-risk children. Practical application and interventions for behavior in the home are discussed.
(3-4 hours - preferable full day) - Overview of some of the major developmental milestones in children ages 0 months-18 years as related to the impact trauma may have on development and its subsequent connection to at risk behavior. Emphasis on practical interventions is discussed.
(3-4 hours) - This training will offer school staff and administration education about trauma and trauma responses that individuals and teams may experience as a result of working with traumatized children and adolescents. This training is imperative in order to ensure that individuals and school personnel are getting both the resources and support needed when working with traumatized individuals. Participants will leave this training understanding the three main trauma response states along with numerous strategies to utilize with individuals experiencing posttraumatic stress symptoms. Furthermore, attendees will be given specific tools designed to enable rapid response and early intervention for both themselves and peers who may be at risk of developing PTSD, vicarious trauma, or compassion fatigue. This training is geared toward anyone working in a school setting including teachers, social workers, counselors, support staff, and administration.
(2-3 hours) - Discusses attachment disorder in the context of systemic treatment and some of the systemic inefficiencies that exacerbate diagnostic symptomatology and impede a more positive prognosis.
(3-4 hours) - In depth discussion involving the developmental and physiological aspects of enuresis (wetting oneself), encopresis (soiling), stealing & lying behavior with special emphasis on intervention strategies for families.
Creates a new lens from which to view to most difficult child and adolescent clients and students, and through multiple case examples coupled with humorous interactive dialogue, gives 60 creative practical strategies you can use right away to increase your effectiveness with these types of clients.
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